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How to solve the continuous ink supply system cleaning problem of the printer

Today's printers are basically equipped with different forms of continuous supply systems, also known as continuous ink supply systems; industrial-grade equipment requires continuous and uninterrupted work, so even the supply system is essential; since it is a mechanical part, There must be varying degrees of problems and failures. Today, follow Xiao Bian to find out how to solve the problems of photo machine cleaning.


First of all, let's enumerate some fault phenomena together:

1. There is ink deposit underneath the print cartridge, and there is noise at the beginning of printing.

2. When you perform a cleaning command, it makes a strange noise.

3. Unattended UV printers sometimes perform automatic cleaning commands.

4. The red light on the UV printer panel alternates with the power green light.

The main solution is as follows:

The UV Printer's automatic cleaning nozzle command is mainly used to clear the print head or to exclude the ink containing air bubbles. Generally, the UV printer is provided with an ink protection counter, and when the cumulative ink ejection amount of the nozzle reaches a maximum, the red light on the panel is The power green light will alternately flash. Replacing the waste ink inside the UV printer will clear the ink protection counter before printing again. Try not to rinse the nozzle as often as possible during use of the UV printer. If you wash too many times, the washed ink occasionally seeps into the underside of the print cartridge. The excess ink will affect the print quality. If the UV printer emits a strange sound during cleaning, immediately stop the cleaning, wipe off the accumulated ink with a paper towel, and wait for about 30 minutes before continuing to work.

Continuous ink supply system equipped with a permanent chip, open automatically after 10 seconds to shut down the opportunity to clean; automatically interrupt cleaning when cleaning. Sometimes it is automatically cleaned without manual operation. In order to reduce the number of unnecessary cleaning, Xiao Bian recommends not to frequently switch the power of the printer. For the ink protection counter, if the print volume is large, it is recommended to perform zero maintenance after using a group of 600 ml ink each time.

Cleaning problems generally occur less frequently, mainly due to the need to pay attention to the problem of ink accumulation, cleaning the nozzle when the nozzle is disconnected is also a must; printers, please try not to frequently switch the printer power.

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